Saturday, November 9, 2013

vacation on winter : skiing with the family

Go to the snow with your family can be a refreshing alternative to the winter holidays . Skiing is a sport that appeals to parents and children , this factors to consider before leaving home.

All children are very fond of snow, and you as well : play with them, make snowmen , sledding , skiing . Today there are numerous hotels and mountain resorts with facilities for the whole family . Opt for a trip to the snow this holiday insurance includes return home with unforgettable memories.

Family Preparing the winter and skiing

Decide where you 're going and how long you spend depends on the specific needs of each family. With perhaps children will prefer non-smoking hotel with swimming pool, it is close to a town , or having a more familiar.

The family has to find a ski resort that meets expectations especially if tenemo special needs or children :

    Hotels also have activities for children: swimming pools , game rooms , monitors ... The ski slopes close early and safe children get bored if there is nothing for them.
    Nursery : if children are very small and can not ski , many hotels offer childcare services both at the track and in the hotel. She wondered what ages welcome .
    Extra services for children : in or near l hotel , children's menus , infirmary services , in-room refrigerators to store bottles, cribs and furniture adapted for children , store to buy diapers and baby food, nearby pharmacies , etc ...

Family Skiing

Skiing is an enjoyable family sport. Actually , parents and children can also learn together. These resorts offer courses for the whole family and before long you can at least have some knowledge to navigate . If we or our children do not know skiing , you have to consider before leaving home :

    Which courses have facilities suitable for all ages. Introductory courses for children and parents .
    They have children's materials if needed rent (skis , boots, etc ... )
    Some resorts offer courses for the whole family . These courses prepare both for family and for parents to help children to learn to ski. If you only want to see the child ski and stay in the bar, maybe it's our choice.
    Consult the hotel course conditions : although children can begin to start skiing from age 5, many ski resorts do not give to children under 8 class .

Our country has many destinations for the likes of all families. On the website of the association ATUDEM there is much useful information to decide.

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